A book covering the filmmakers and their films in exploitation cinema, written by Mike Quarles and published in 1993. Each chapter covers a different filmmaker that is important to the history of cult and exploitation cinema, and describes what they brought to the genre. Chapters are: Ted V. Mikels, or How to Build a Corpse-Grinding Machine for $38, Ray Dennis Steckler: Genre Filmmaking in a Funhouse Mirror, Humble Origins: Big-Timers with Skeletons in Their Closets, H. G. Lewis: More Than Gore, Russ Meyer: T and A and $, Kroger Babb: Who was America's Foremost Hygiene Commentator, John Water: They Used to Call Him "The Prince of Puke", Trailers: Coming to this Theater, George Romero: On Pittsburgh Zombies and the Italian Subgenre, Fred Olen Ray: The Direct-to-Video King, Super 8: The New Medium of Choice, Tobe Hooper: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dwain Esper: Exposing a Nation's Shame and Getting Away with it, Andy Milligan: Period Dramas for Under $10,000, Larry Buchanan: Does Mars Need Women That Badly, Doris Wishman: How Did a Nice Girl Like You Wind Up in a Book Like This? David Friedman: The Promoter, Rogue's Gallery: A Cast of Dozens.

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