The sixth installment in the Projections series, books written about film-making by film-makers. The book features essays and interviews from film-makers, outlining their production process, the work they have done, and what inspires them. Chapters are: "Reflections on The Award Season" - Mike Figgis - discussing his first time in the festival and awards ciruit, "Reflections on Credits and Debits" - John Boorman - A short Essay on credits, "Reflections on struggling with Success" - Lawrence Bender, "Notes from Overboard: The Moonlight Diary" - Tom DiCillo - discussing the production of Box of Moonlight, "Further Notes" - Eleanor Coppola - Notes from the sets of Francis Ford Coppola's films, "Following Your Feelings" - Stanley Donen interviewed by Kevin MacDonald, "To and from Fiction" - Shohei Imamura interviewed by Toichi Nakata, "Robert Towne On Writing: Scene By Scene", "Robert Towne on Directing: Scene By Scene", "Interview with Joel and Ethan Coen" - breaking down their film The Hudsucker Proxy, "Interview with Walter Murch" - On designing sound for Apocalypse Now, "Interview with Suso Cecchi D'Amico" - On writing Rocco and His Brothers, "Interview with Terence Davies" - On directing The Neon Bible, "Interview with Steve Martin and Gillies MacKinnon" - On their film A Simple Twist of Fate, "Westward the Course of Empire" - Karl Brown "An Interest in Photography - Freddy Young Interviewed by Frank Mannion, "From Vigo to teh Nouvelle Vague: A Cameraman's Career - Michael Kelber Interviewed by Kevin MacDonald, "A Journey into Light" - Vittario Storaro in conversation with Ric Gentry, "Images and Accidents: A Diary of Kids" - Eric Alan Edwards, "Howard Hawks and the Great Paper Chase: Memoir of a Desert Encounter", "Working with Writers - Howard Hawks Interviewed by Joseph McBride", "Dziga Vertov" - Compiled by Kevin Macdonald.

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