The Picturegoer, Vol. 1, No. 13, January 3rd 1914. Front page features a still of Betty Nansen in 'A Neglected Wife'. Frontispiece is a still from the film "The Endless Night", pictured on a beach, the still is subtitled: 'As he is in danger of losing his sight, the hero contemplates ending his life in the sea, but is saved by his sweetheart'. Articles include: - 'The Joys of being a Cinema Comedian': a chat with Harry Buss. (Hepworth's leading comedian) - 'The Rivals: Miss Cinematography versus Mother Drama': article parodying the relationship between Cinema and Drama - synopsis and stills from 'Sixty Years a Queen', historical production on the reign of Queen Victoria, where she is titled 'Victoria the Good'. - feature on 'The Art of Conversation: a humorous dialogue between a cinema actress and a bashful 'Nut''. - cartoon on 'The Pleasure of Moving Pictures' - synopsis of 'Antony and Cleopatra', includes stills from the film - synopsis of 'The Dock Catastrophe': an exciting engineering drama - List of 'Pictures Worth Seeing': 'Why Girls Leave Home'; 'Inhumanity'; 'The Judgement of the Jungle'; 'His Code of Honour'; 'The Port of Doom'; 'The Tale of the Ticker'

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