The Picturegoer, Christmas Edition, Vol. 1, No. 12, December 27th 1913. Front page features an illustration of Father Christmas, with the face of "Father" John Bunny superimposed. Frontispiece: portrait of Vivian Rich. Articles include: - 'Big-Game Hunting with a Camera: Mr Cherry Kearton's world-wide hunt for wildlife pictures, and his new book 'Wild Life Across the World'' interviewed by Leonard Crocombe. Features a portrait of the naturalist-photographer, with a Red-Colobus Monkey. The book features an introduction by Theodore Roosevelt. - 'Christmas at the Cinema: A Selection of Seasonable Films - Christmas Greetings to Picturegoers from popular Picture-Players, including: Mary Fuller, Simple Simon, Renee Carl, Jack Hulcup, Sybil Hare, Mary Pickford, Harry Gilbey, Chrissie White, Alma Taylor, Jack Raymond and Cyril Morton. - synopsis of 'A Good Little Devil', featuring Mary Pickford, includes stills from the film. - synopsis of 'From Manger to Cross' A Sacred Film for Christmas Picturegoers - article considers Christ on film, and how received at the time - Will Evans and a Horse: a conversation overheard at a cinema theatre whilst the film showing Will Evans 'Harnessing a Horse' was on the screen

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