The Picturegoer, Vol. 1, No. 10, December 13th 1913. Front page features a still from 'The Stolen Models', of the artist sketching his 'ideal subject', a woman in the window across the street. Frontispiece: portrait of Flora Morris Articles include: - 'The Girl on the Film': interview of Flora Morris - 'Stage Favourites on the Film' Portraits of Mlle. Rainey and Mercy Manners. - feature on 'Two Christmas Morns', provides a synopsis and film stills - List of 'Pictures Worth Seeing', includes: 'Tweedledum Tries Winter Sports'; 'The Rejected Lover's Luck'; 'A Woman and Her Child'; 'The Stolen Models'; 'From Egg to Fry'; 'The Rattlesnake' (includes still); 'A Day in a Kentish Hop Garden'; 'Once Upon a Time'; 'Bridegrooms Beware'; 'The Charcoal Industry'; 'In Three Hours'; 'On Lake Maggiore'. - synopsis of 'Parsifal: A Spiritual Drama of Exquisite Beauty' - a holy grail story; includes stills from the film. - synopsis of 'The Mysterious Maiden' - feature 'Picture Personalities': short biography and portrait of Signorina Hesperia

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