The Picturegoer Magazine, Volume 1, Number 5, for November 8th 1913. Programme Guide. Front page features a still titled 'Comedy and Tragedy'. Frontispiece: a still of Dorothy Bellew in 'The Covent Gate'. Articles include: - 'The Girl on the Film': No 1. Miss Dorothy Bellew (interview) - 'In the days of Robin Hood': article on the film, includes stills - 'An Enemy of the Cinema: a reply to Miss Rosina Filippi' - Portrait of Alice Joyce in 'Kalem'. Includes article on her in 'Picture Personalities' - List of 'Pictures Worth Seeing': includes: 'After Death'; 'One Fair Daughter'; 'The Power of Conscience'; 'Princess Elena's Prisoner'; 'The Galloping Romeo'; 'The Moulding'; 'Crossing the line'; 'The Aviator's Daring'; 'An Error in Kidnapping'; 'Tired of Life'; 'The Baptism of Fire'; 'A Bargee's Romance'; 'When Darkness Came'. - 'A Cigarette Maker's Romance': article on the Hepworth film, includes stills - 'A Romantic Rhapsody: a drama in parenthesis' - 'Dickens on the Film: "Scrooge" adapted from Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", with Seymour Hicks as Scrooge'

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