Film programme for the 13th Africa in Motion film festival, running between October 26th to November 4th 2018. The 13th edition of the festival focuses on the theme of 'rebellion', exploring resistance movements, coming-of-age dramas, youth and popular culture and narratives that rebel against the dominant image of Africa. The programme also details a focus on female filmmakers, actresses and activists, focusing on Wanuri Kahiu's film 'Rafiki, documentaries 'Standing on Their Shoulders' and 'Whispering Truth to Power'. Equally, the festival celebrates the centenary of the birth of both Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu through film screenings and discussions. The programme also promotes a variety of projects and exhibitions based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, and other projects in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. There is also a collaboration with the University of Exeter's Transnational Moroccan Cinema research team. The cover design is by Joy Richu based on Wanuri Kahiu's film 'Rafiki' and uses mixed media of illustration and photography.

Item number 97035
Category Programme
Type African cinema
Dimensions 18cm x 26.2 cm
Language English
Country of origin Scotland
Related people Nelson Mandela
Albertina Sisulu