The Magic Lantern, Number 13, December 2017. Contents: 'German Toy Magic Lanterns - Projecting Phenakistoscopes. Part 3 - Jean Schoenner, Nürnberg' by Helmut Wälde; 'Announcement Slides' by Nick Hiley; 'Just Like That...' by Mervyn Heard; 'The Paris Exposition Universelle de 1900' by Bill Barnes; 'Conference Report: "A Million Pictures: History, Archiving and Creative Re-use of Educational Magic Lantern Slides, 29 August - 1 September 2017, Utrecht University"'; 'From the Ivory Tower: "Dagonet Edition"' by Lydia Jakobs; 'The Great Gun of the Lantern' by Karen Eifler; 'Autumn Meeting of The Magic Lantern Society, Swedenborg Society, London, 21 October 2017' by Mary Ann Auckland. This issue also contains a separate Agenda for the 42nd Annual General Meeting of The Magic Lantern Society at The Musical Museum, Brentford, Middlesex on 20 January 2018, 2018 membership renewal forms and nomination forms for 2018 MLS Committee or Officer positions. [Note: The Magic Lantern, starting with Number 1, December 2014 is the new publication from The Magic Lantern Society and replaces The Magic Lantern Society Newsletter and The New Magic Lantern Journal which had been combined in a single publication].

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