The Magic Lantern, Number 9, December 2016. Contents: 'Christmas Stories' by Else Flim and Adrian Kok, Mark Sullivan, Karin Bienek and Ludwig Vogl-Bienek and Lester Smith; '10th International Convention of the Magic Lantern Society, 28-30 April 2017' by Jeremy Brooker; 'The Great Sequah: Driven to Extraction' by Mervyn Heard; 'The Velaslavasay Panorama in Los Angeles' by Sara Velas; 'A Highly Prized Lantern' by Mervyn Heard; 'The Magic Lantern Today' by Ine van Dooren; 'Prominent Magic Lanternists: Philip Banham: An Interview Profile' by Jeremy Brooker; '4th Biennial Australasian Magic Lantern Convention' by John Hyett ; '17th International Convention of the Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada' by Mary Ann Auckland; 'David Elsbury "Bristol at Home" Meeting', 3 September 2016, by Mary Ann Auckland; 'The Autumn Meeting of the Magic Lantern Society, Birmingham and Midland Institute, 22 October 2016' by Mary Ann Auckland and 'Homemade Slides' by Lester Smith. Issue Number 9 also contains the Agenda for The Magic Lantern Society 41st Annual General Meeting at The Musical Museum, Brentford on 21 January 2017, a registration application form for the 10th International Magic Lantern Convention in Birmingham, 28 to 30 April 2017 and Magic Lantern Society 2017 Committee nomination and 2017 Membership Renewal forms. [Note: The Magic Lantern, starting with Number 1, December 2014 is the new publication from The Magic Lantern Society and replaces The Magic Lantern Society Newsletter and The New Magic Lantern Journal which had been combined in a single publication].

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