The CD has been placed in a plastic case with a clear front. The CD is simply labelled "De Zaak Alzheimer". It contains 8 stills and the CV of the film's director, Eric Van Looy. The stills features the film's stars, Koen de Bouw, Werner de Smedt, and Jan Decleir. The film is a 2003 Belgian crime-drama film concerning two detectives who seek to arrest a hitman. The hitman however has Alzheimers and is himself trying to seek vengance against a group of paedophiles. It was a critical hit and was put forward by Belgium as their submission for Best Foreign Film Oscar.

Item number 73362
Category Publicity Material
Type Publicity Material
Language Dutch
Country of origin Belgium
Related people Eric Van Looy (Director)
Koen De Bouw (Actor)
Werner De Smedt (Actor)
Jan Decleir (Actor)