The CD is in a clear plastic case. The CD itself is badly scratched. The cover has the title, In the City, in various European languages on the left-hand side and on the right is a photo of a woman smoking. It lists the director, Cesc Gay, and that it is a 'press book interactivo' . The CD contains a range of information: a synopsis, cast and crew information, an interview with the director, downloads, trailers, photos and more. In the City is a 2003 Spanish ensemble drama films about a group of friends living in Barcelona. It won numerous awards on the festival circuit. It starred Monica Lopez, Eduard Fernandez, Maria Pujalte, Alex Brendemuhl, and Vicenta Ndongo and was directed by Cesc Gay.

Item number 73352
Category Publicity Material
Type Publicity Material
Language Spanish
Country of origin Spain
Related people Cesc Gay (Director)
Mònica López (Actor)
Eduard Fernández (Actor)
María Pujalte (Actor)
Alex Brendemühl (Actor)
Vicenta N'Dongo (Actor)