The CD is in a plastic CD case with a clear front. The front of the CD is red with several people looking fearfully out, only their heads seen, in the shape of a man's silhouette. The title "Catch a Fire" is written in capital letters at the bottom. Underneath, it declares the CD to be a press kit. On the CD, there are links to photos, a slideshow, key art, trailer, web links, notes and downloads. The photos are largely of the film's stars, Derek Luke, Bonnie Henna and Tim Robbins, as well as the director, Phillip Noyce, and the man the film is based upon, Patrick Chamusso. There are also images of the screenwriter, Shawn Slovo and producer, Robyn Slovo whose parents were also anti-apartheid activists. The film is a dramatic thriller about anti-apartheid activists in South Africa. It concerns the journey of Patrick Chamusso as an apathetic man to becoming a political activist and terrorist, and how his relationship with his wife Precious is affected. It was received positively by critics.

Item number 73344
Category Publicity Material
Type Publicity Material
Language English
Country of origin South Africa
Related people Phillip Noyce (Director)
Derek Luke (Actor)
Tim Robbins (Actor)
Bonnie Henna (Actor)