The CD is in a DVD-type case with the film's key art on the front. It details: "From acclaimed director David Cronenberg" "Every sin leaves a mark" "Eastern Promises" as well as names of the actors, Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, Vincent Cassell. The image is of a pair of loosely clasped hands adorned with tattoos. On the back, there are thumbnails of all the images on the CD as well as credits.There is a card insert inside with the film's key are on it as well as thumbnails of the image son the CD. The CD image is of the hands with the film's name and production company. The CD contains images, a trailer, key art, notes and further information. The images are of the film's stars as well as their director, David Cronenberg. The film is about a British midwife's interactions with mafia in London and was received positively by critics.

Item number 73303
Category Production Material
Type Publicity Material
Language English
Country of origin Britain