The CD is inside a plastic case with a card outside. There is a slot for a small pamphlet giving press information for the film. The front cover has a woman's face one with planets overlayed. It gives the film's name in Portugese as well as the production company and the director. The back details the distributors for Cannes and press and sales contacts. It also lists what information is on the CD - cast, crew, synopsis, clips, music, photos, poster, and information on Miguel Gomes and O Som e a Furia. The pamphlet contains most of this information as well as contact information and Cannes screening times. The CD contains the film's name in Portugese and pictures of planets. Behind the CD is an image of a girl with binoculars. The film is about the whirling festivities and emotions of the month of August in the heart of Portugal as captured by a comic film crew.

Item number 73287
Category Publicity Material
Type Publicity Material
Language English
Country of origin Portugal
Related people Miguel Gomes (Director)