This is a black and white film still from the silent drama film The Breath of the Gods from 1920, directed by Rollin S. Sturgeon. The photograph depicts Tsuru Aoki as Yuri Onda and Misao Seki as Yuki's father dressed in traditional kimonos in a Japanese living room. Aoki as Yuri has one hand on the bamboo door and the other across her chest, as she tries to escape the room. Her father is pulling a Japanese sword (Katana) out of its sheath as he faces her. In the background there is a potted bamboo plant, a lantern, some reed mats, a cushion and an ink painting hanging on the wall. On the reverse of the image Cooke has identified the film and that it was A Jewel Production (Universal).

Item number 57287
Category Photograph
Type Film Publicity
Dimensions A4
Language English
Country of origin USA
Related people Tsuru Aoki (Actor)
Misao Seki (Actor)

Part of the Townly Cooke Collection