Robert Redford is on the cover in 'The Electric Horseman.' Feature articles include: 'First Takes: Michal Bat-Adam's Oscar Hopes, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The Forest Hill Movie Brats, Go Home, Norman Jewison, Who's backing Britain?'; 'What Brings Redford back after four years?: How Sydney Pollack brought 'The Electric Horseman' to the screen'; 'The Cop Who Arrested Hollywood: An interview with Joseph Wambaugh'; 'A report from the Berlin Film Festival'; 'Hollywood's wanted man: an interview with James Woods - star of 'The Onion Field'; 'America the Horrible: an analysis of Francis Ford Coppola's psychedelic soldiery in 'Apocalypse Now.' Films reviewed include: 'SOS Titanic', 'Rude Boy', 'Silver Dream Racer', 'The Electric Horseman', 'Drama of the Rich', 'And Justice for All', 'Kramer vs Kramer', 'Richard Pryor Live in Concert.'

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