This is a German book written by Dr. Oskar Kalbus and published by Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld in 1935. It is an album containing 191 of 200 cigarette cards. It is the same as item number 49052 but with a different cover. It explains the beginnings of cinema, especially with regards to sound films. The book is split into 22 parts: 1) Birth and Childhood of Talkies 2) The Talkie Frenzy in America 3) The obvious power of sound films 4) The Fear of Sound or Technical Advancement 5) Talkies = musical comedies 6) The High C and the Screen 7) Sound Films = Directors and their works (including Ludwig Berger [Walzerkrieg], Erik Charell [Der congress tanzt] and Erich Engel [Inge und die Millionen]) 8) Actors and their leading role (including Harry Piel in ‘Der Herr der Welt’, Reinhold Schuenzel in ‘Sailon in Kairo’ and Luis Trenker in ‘Der Rebel’) 9) The Past Lives Again 10) Sound War Films 11) Sound Crime Films 12) Everthing Changing Again 13) Military = Grotesque Film 14) Three Languages and a Talkie 15) The True Loyalty to Film 16) Runaways to America (Marlene Dietrich, Dorothea Wieck and Lilian Harvey) 17) Film = Germany Grow Up! 18) Refugees – State Films from 1933/34 19) Film Must be Orientated Around the People 20) Heroism in the Party and Movements 21) The Dream from the Screen 22) Forever Silent (Lupu Pick, Bruno Kaftner and Albert Pauling)

Item number 49061
Category Card Album
Type Criticism/History
Related people Dr. Oskar Kalbus (author)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection