Sean Connery and Michael Caine feature on the cover in 'The Man Who Would be King.' Feature articles include: 'Oliver Reed - on trees and pubs and staying in Britain'; 'Lee Remick interview'; 'The Man Who Would be King' - producer John Foreman previews John Huston's new film'; 'The triple echo - aspects of censorship'; 'Anti-disaster film - a visit to the location of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'; 'Not such a wicked lady after all - interview with Margaret Lockwood.' Films reviewed include: 'Innocents with Dirty Hands', 'Mister Quilp', 'The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser', 'Bug', 'White Line Fever', 'The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty', 'Hester Street', 'Great Expectations', 'Hugo the Hippo', 'Legend of the Werewolf.' Other articles include: 'Looking Back: On Hawks and Bogart.'

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