Burt Reynolds features on the cover in 'The Longest Yard' and George Segal in 'California Split' on the frontispiece. Articles include: new films reviewed: 'Badlands', 'The Longest Yard', 'The Great McGonagall', 'And Now the Screaming Starts', 'Doctor Death: Seeker of Souls', 'Murder on the Orient Express', 'The Mad Adventures of "Rabbi" Jacob', 'Eskimo Nell', 'The Abdication', 'Cinderella Liberty'; 'Obituaries are all very well' - Tom Hutchinson talks to Rod Steiger'; 'Penhaligon's progress - Iain McAsh talks to Susan Penhaligon'; 'Still ready for that close-up, Mr DeMille - Susan d'Arcy talks to Gloria Swanson', 'Previews of 'Rollerball' with James Caan and 'The Longest Yard' with Burt Reynolds'; 'David Castell talks to producer David Puttnam'; 'Will the real Clive Revill stand up, please'; 'Looking Back with Kenneth Thompson: Joan Bennett.'

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