Collection of essays focusing on different aspects of the documentary form, edited by Michael Renov. Contents: 'Introduction: The Truth About Non-Fiction' by Michael Renov; 'Toward a Poetics of Documentary' by Michael Renov; 'The Documentary Film as Scientific Inscription' by Brian Winston; 'Document and Documentary: On the Persistence of Historical Concepts' by Philip Rosen; 'The Totalizing Quest of Meaning' by Trinh T. Minh-ha; 'Jargons of Authenticity (Three American Moments)' by Paul Arthur; 'Constantly Performing the Documentary: The Seductive Promise of "Lightning Over Water"' by Susan Scheibler; '(Not) Looking for Origins: Postmodernism, Documentary and "America"' by Ana M. Lopez; 'Notes on AIDS and Its Combatants: An Appreciation' by Bill Horrigan; '"Getting to Know You..": Knowledge, Power, and the Body' by Bill Nichols.

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