A collection of five double-sided sheets showing black and white reprints of ten covers from the film magazine Photoplay across the 1920s. The covers feature images of major screen stars, listed with their names and those of the artists: 1. Bebe Daniels by Rolf Armstrong, 1921. 2. Dorothy Gish by J. Knowles Hare, 1922. 3. Pole Negri by J. Knowles Hare, 1923. 4. Roman Novarra by Tempest Inman, 1924. 5. Betty Bronson by Frederick Duncan, 1925. 6. Doris Kenyon by Carl Van Buskirk, 1926. 7. Mary Brian by Charles Sheldon, 1927. 8. Marion Davis by Charles Sheldon, 1928. 9. Clara Bow by Charles Sheldon, 1929. 10. Bebe Daniels by Earl Christy, 1930.

Item number 40556
Category Periodical
Type Star Portrait
Language English
Country of origin USA
Related people Bebe Daniels (Subject)
Dorothy Gish (Subject)
Pola Negri (Subject)
Ramon Novarro (Subject)
Betty Bronson (Subject)
Doris Kenyon (Subject)
Mary Brian (Subject)
Marion Davies (Subject)
Clara Bow (Subject)
Rolf Armstrong (Artist)
J. Knowles Hare (Artist)
Tempest Inman (Artist)
Frederick Duncan (Artist)
Carl Van Buskirk (Artist)
Charles Sheldon (Artist)
Earl Christy (Artist)

Part of the Bill Douglas and Peter Jewell Collection