Marilyn Chambers features on the cover for her role in 'Insatiable'. Articles include: 'Politics and the Cinema'; 'Leni Reifenstahl: An Ambassador for Nazi Germany' by John Fraser; 'Popeye Pops Up' by Raymond Durgnat; and picture previews of 'Pennies from Heaven'; 'Evil Under the Sun'; 'Quest for Fire'; 'Making Love'; 'Modern Problems'; and 'The Challenge (The Equals)'. Films reviewed include: 'Victor/Victoria'; 'Absence of Malice'; 'Arthur'; 'Taps'; 'Eye of the Needle'; 'Deadly Blessing'; 'Wolfen'; 'Venom'; 'Dead and Buried'; 'The Gods Must Be Crazy'; 'Alligator'; 'Blow Out'; and 'Insatiable'.

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