Item was produced as part of an exhibition highlighting the Glenbow Museum's large collection of illustrator art. Included are illustrations, a catalogue of the exhibition and the itinerary of the exhibition. Biographies of the artists are also given. Sections include: 'the periodicals'; 'the books'; 'the illustrations'; 'the smart set'; 'the masses'; 'the domestic scene'; 'town and country'; 'let me call you sweetheart'; 'deeds of derring do'; 'mystery and suspense'; 'the great outdoors'; 'dream days'; 'war'; 'the sporting life'; and 'faraway places'. Key words: illustrations; drawings of American life; American culture; early 20th Century life; Palmer Cox; Will Denslow; Charles Jay Taylor; William L. Jacobs; Wallace Morgan

Item number 26724
Category Book
Type Non-Cinema
Dimensions height 295mm; width 230mm; depth 15mm
Language English
Country of origin Canada
Related people Judy L. Larson (Author)

Part of the Robin Allan Collection