Collection of twenty-four essays, edited by Brian McFarlane, each devoted to a significant film in the history of British or Irish cinema. Contents: Shooting Stars by Luke McKernan; A Night Like This by John Oliver; The Good Companions by Charles Barr; Man of Aran by Martin McLoone; Pink String and Sealing Wax by Brian McFarlane; Holiday Camp by Geoff Brown; The Rocking Horse Winner by Philip Gillett; The Long Memory by Robert Murphy; Knights of the Round Table by Tom Ryall; Room at the Top by Tony Aldgate; Tunes of Glory by Neil Sinyard; No Love for Johnnie by Melanie Williams; 80, 000 Suspects by Christine Geraghty; The Italian Job by Steve Chibnall; Sunday Bloody Sunday by Ian Britain; Demons of the Mind by Andrew Spicer; Hope and Glory by Kevin Gough-Yates; Distant Voices, Still Lives by Wendy Everett; Scandal by Bruce Babington; The Miracle by Kevin Rockett; Orlando by Rose Lucas; Divorcing Jack by John Hill; Ordinary Decent Criminal by Emer Rockett; Sweet Sixteen by Dave Rolinson.

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