Collection of essays, edited by E. Ann Kaplan, focusing on psychoanalytic film criticism including feminist theory. Contents: Introduction: from Plato's cave to Freud's screen by E. Ann Kaplan. Feminist film theory and its revisionings: Afterthoughts on "visual pleasure and narrative cinema" inspired by 'Duel in the sun' by Laura Mulvey; A denial of difference: theories of cinematic identification by Anne Friedberg; Remembering women: psychical and historical constructions in film theory by Mary Ann Doane. Sexual difference and Jacques Tourneur: a case study: Femininity and the masquerade: 'Anne of the Indies' by Claire Johnston; Cinematic abreaction: Tourneur's 'Cat people' by Deborah Linderman; Believing in the cinema by Raymond Bellour (translated by Dana Polan). Beyond the impasse? History and psychoanalysis in reading select films: Historical trauma and male subjectivity by Kaja Silverman; Motherhood and representation: from postwar Freudian figurations to postmodernism by E. Ann Kaplan; Couching resistance: women, film and postwar psychoanalytic psychiatry by Janet Walker; Psychological explanation in the films of Lang and Pabst by Janet Bergstrom. Avant-garde film: theory and practice: Not speaking with language/speaking with no language: Leslie Thornton's 'Adynata' by Linda Peckham; Some ruminations around the cinematic antidotes to the Oedipal net(les) while playing with De Lauraedipus Mulvey, or, he may be off screen, but by Yvonne Rainer. Afterword: Dialogue: remembering (this memory of) a film by Raymond Bellour and Guy Rosolato (translated by Thomas Y. Levin).

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