Comprises 8 parts. Part 1 is the Newsletter which contains articles including: 'Dutch lantern exhibition' by Daan Buddingh about an exhibition in Hoorn; a report by Jennifer Utteridge on the AGM and winter meeting of the Society on 19 January 2008 at The Magic Circle in London; 'The magic lantern - progenitor of television' by Colin Fryer; 'Pepper's Ghost' promoting a series of talks and demonstrations on optical media and visual wonder at the University of Westminster from September 2008; 'Webchat' by Mark Butterworth and details of a magic lantern web resource initiative being planned by the University of Trier, plus an obituary for Brian W. Coe, historian of photographic technology. Part 2 is the 2008 Society Membership Directory. Part 3 is the minutes of the 32nd Society AGM at The Magic Circle in London. Part 4 is the agenda for the Society spring meeting on 12 April in Birmingham. Part 5 gives details of a weekend event on 19/20 July 2008 in Hastings. Part 6 is members' sales and wants No. 50, March 2008. Parts 7 & 8 are details of two new publications.

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