Comprises 7 parts. Part 1 is the Newsletter which contains articles including: '"The Ring of the Nibelung" - a magic lantern spectacular' by Denis Stevens about a presentation of Wagner's work by Ludwig Vogl at Covent Garden Opera House in early October 2007; a report by Jeremy Fisher on the autumn meeting of the Society on 13 October 2007 in London; 'The Unknown Mayhew' about the social researcher Henry Mayhew whose writings include references to the camera obscura and magic lanterns; 'Webchat' by Mark Butterworth and some reviews including 'Silent Comedy' by Paul Merton. Part 2 is the minutes of the business part of the Society's autumn meeting on 13 October 2007 in London. Part 3 is the agenda for the Society's Annual General Meeting at The Magic Circle in London on 19 January 2008. Part 4 is a nomination form for the 2008 Committee of the Society. Part 5 gives details of 2008 subscriptions. Part 6 is members' sales and wants No. 49, January 2008. Part 7 is a colour A4 poster advertising The Magic Lantern Society 8th International Convention from 17 to 19 April 2009 at the University of Westminster.

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